Law Office of Thomas K. Brown, LLC

Immigration and Family Law in Maryland

getting here

The office is located in downtown Rockville within easy walking distance from the courts.  The address is:

22 West Jefferson Street Suite 401 (map)
Rockville, MD 20850

The office is located on the grounds of Christ Episcopal School, so this is the landmark you should look for.  The building is known as “The Jefferson Building” –  a three story brick building (with a basement level) with black shingled roof and dormer windows.  Enter from West Jefferson Street via the driveway to the right of the building.  Parking is in the rear, as is the entrance under the red awning.  Here is an aerial view to aid you in parking and entry.

The best bus route to take is RideOn Route 54 – Rockville-Lakeforest.  The closest stops are numbers 23402 and 23404 – West Jefferson at Adams Street.  RideOn Route 46 – Montgomery College to Medical Center – is also convenient.  The closest stops are numbers 26948 and 26930 – South Washington Street at Montgomery Avenue or South Washington Street at Courthouse Square.   Both of these buses stop at the Rockville Metro Station, which less than 1 mile walking distance from the office.

When arriving at the door, press the “call” button and the receptionist will buzz you in.  Proceed left down the hall and then right around the corner.  The elevator will be on your right side.  Press the number 3 to go to the top floor.  The office is the first door on the right as you exit the elevator.