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US Exports Gang Violence to Central America

This National Geographic story highlights something the media hasn’t made much mention of regarding the current humanitarian crisis faced by minors fleeing to the United States escaping gang violence – that gang violence started as an American export.  Specifically, as the Los Angeles gang culture grew, many immigrants found homes there.  When arrested, and likely deported to their home countries, they brought the bigger, badder American gang culture with them.

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CNN: Businesses need immigration reform to function

Read the article and watch the videos.  To stay the leader of the technical world we need to raise the cap on highly skilled immigrants.

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Pathway to Citizenship

I don’t know if I agree with this Crossfire host in her opinion that most of those out-of-status immigrants want legal status alone and not citizenship.  Becoming a permanent resident (i.e., getting a green card) is the first and possibly most important step in stabilizing one’s life.  It cements their legal status in the US, permits employment and travel overseas without concern of not being able to return.  Nevertheless, naturalizing confers enormous benefits, including the ability to petition for other out-of -status relatives, thereby legalizing their statuses as well.  Most of my clients do naturalize, especially when their home countries permit dual citizenship.

Anyway, here’s a link to the video.

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