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It seems ICE has been busy…

From CNN here.  It’s important to distinguish criminal aliens — those who commit crimes in the US — from those who merely have administrative violations (i.e., those who are out of status).

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ICE: Operation Honeymoon’s Over

Cincinnati ICE agents busted a conspiracy that paired up intending immigrants with US citizens to engage in marriage fraud.  Although the marriages were likely proper in the legal sense, immigration benefits only apply to those who marry for traditional reasons — love, the desire to have children, companionship, etc.  Marriage entered into purely for immigration purposes are deemed “sham” marriages and are considered a crime:

INA § 275(c) Marriage fraud.–Any individual who knowingly enters into a marriage for the purpose of evading any provision of the immigration laws shall be imprisoned for not more than 5 years, or fined not more than $250,000, or both.

Note that this makes no distinction between the intending immigrant and the citizen — either can be charged under this law.  Here’s a link to the ICE press release.

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ICE Announces Major Reforms of Immigration Detention System

In a welcome move to many, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced a plan to move from a penal/criminal detention system to one geared more toward the civil/administrative offenses most immigration detentions represent.  It’s important to recognize that most immigration violations are administrative in nature, not criminal.  In the present regime, immigration violators are essentially housed in prisons while their civil cases are resolved.  The new plan is to develop a system more appropriate to the civil nature of the cases.  You can read the ICE press release here and in more detail here.

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ICE Arrests 300 During Raid in South Carolina

ICE was busy in Greenville, South Carolina yesterday, raiding Columbia Farms, another poultry processor, and arresting 300 people.  The toll free number for family members to check if their loved ones are among those detained is: 1-866-341-3858.

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More Raids

The media is reporting the results of three weeks of work-site enforcement raids in California.  Here’s the link.

Here’s ICE’s official press release on the raids.

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