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Thank You, Maryland, For Approving Question 4

Maryland voters approved Question 4 – granting in-state tuition to out-of-status or undocumented immigrants.  “Residency” and immigration status are two separate issues, and Marylanders have sorted that out.  Now students who previously couldn’t afford a college education – enroll and make us proud.

The Washington Post’s coverage of Question 4 is here.

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DACA a “crap shoot”? Article says so.

Here’s the link.  I happen to agree with Mr. Naverrette.  The program has good sentiments, but it’s temporary and subject to immediate withdrawal without notice.  You’re putting your faith in the hands of the government — the same government that has failed time and again to shape a modern immigration policy.  As administrations change how can one know that one’s policy will carry through to the next?  I think I join many other immigration attorneys out there who feel that DACA is an option for those in the most desperate cases.  For those and their families flying below the radar today it’s probably not a good deal.

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USCIS Updated their DACA FAQ

Here’s the 09/14/2012 version of USCIS’s DACA FAQ.

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New Guidance on Deferred Action

A flood of information is coming out of USCIS and DHS regarding Deferred Action.  See this important brochure outlining the proposed procedure.  Filing forms coming soon!

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AILA Guidance on DREAM Act-Like Policy Change

There’s a lot of media coverage of President Obama’s recent policy change on young undocumented aliens lately.  It’s hard to discern the real facts, and the procedures for obtaining any of these benefits, which existed prior to the policy change, have not yet been published.  Until I can post a more detailed analysis of the new policy, the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s (AILA’s) will have to do.  Please read this fact sheet before forming any opinions.

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Immigration Policy Center’s DREAM, etc. Comparisons

Here’s a link to a good summary of the various DREAM Act-like proposals on the table.

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President’s Townhall Excerpts

President Obama addressed a number of immigration-related issues at his recent townhall meeting at the Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley.  Here are some excerpts.

On the DREAM Act:

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the DREAM Act is — deals with a particular portion of the population, kids who were brought here when they were young by their parents; their parents might have come here illegally — the kids didn’t do anything.  They were just doing what kids do, which is follow their parents. They’ve grown up as Americans.  They went to school with us or with our kids.  They think of themselves as Americans, but many of them still don’t have a legal status.

And so what we’ve said is, especially for these young people who are our neighbors, our friends, our children’s friends, if they are of good character and going to school or joining our military, they want to be part of the American family, why wouldn’t we want to embrace them?  Why wouldn’t we want to make sure that — (applause.)  Why wouldn’t we want to make sure that they’re contributing to our future?

The president remarked that the United States is “both a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws,” acknowledging that our historical emphasis on immigration needs to be handled in the context of an orderly system.

He continues:

So what we’ve said is let’s fix the whole system.  First of all, let’s make the legal immigration system more fair than it is and more efficient than it is.  And that includes, by the way, something I know that is of great concern here in Silicon Valley. If we’ve got smart people who want to come here and start businesses and are PhDs in math and science and computer science, why don’t we want them to say?

Being in Silicon Valley, his focus on highly-skilled workers is understandable.  He did address unskilled workers already here:

And what I’ve said is they did break the law; they came here — they have to take responsibility for that.  They should pay a fine.  They should learn English.  They should go to the back of the line so that they don’t automatically get citizenship.  But there should be a pathway for them to get legalized in our society so they don’t fear for themselves or their families, so that families aren’t separated.

I’m not sure what he means by “the back of the line” but I think everyone agrees there must be a pathway.  That’s comprehensive immigration reform.  That’s family unity.  What we need are specifics.  I haven’t heard any proposals lately.

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DREAM Act Passes House

Exciting news from Congress — the DREAM Act has passed the House.  Now it’s off to the Senate where GOP members have promised a filibuster.  AILA is urging everyone to call their Senators and voice their support.

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Representative Gutierrez: Core Principles of Immigration Reform

AILA has posted a summary of the “core principles” Congressman Gutierrez announced at a Capitol rally this week.  Here’s the link.

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AILA: Obama Administration Continues to Signal its Push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) again posts a press release reading the signs about the likelihood of immigration reform this year.  The press release specifically refers to the DREAM Act, which would come as a welcome relief to many in the immigrant community.  The release is here.

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