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New York Times: Immigration Detention Deaths

Here’s the link.  This country has a very serious problem with immigration detention to say the least.

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CNN: “EWI” Children

The acronym “EWI” means “Entered Without Inspection” and is immigration law terminology for those who entered illegally or “jumped the border.”  CNN has an article about EWI children here.  Regardless of which side of the immigration debate you sit on (there are more than two despite how the media portrays this), the issues associated with children are complex to say the least.  I’m glad to hear Marta had the benefit of representation in her trip through removal proceedings.  Can you imagine if you were a 12 year old appearing alone in Immigration Court?  It’s a terrifying notion to me and from the article, it sounds like this happens every day in Immigration Courts across the country.

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More on Detention Changes from has more coverage of changes to ICE’s detention policy.

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BBC: “US to Cut Immigrant Detention”

An article at the BBC describes reform of detention rules that will see those not considered dangerous released from immigration detention.  I’ve written before how important it is to keep in mind that immigration violations are purely administrative in nature.  We don’t need to jail people for administrative issues.  Of course, some of those individuals in detention are there because of underlying criminal issues.  That’s fine — we put criminals in jail all the time.  That system already works.  What doesn’t work is an immigration enforcement system that leaves thousands of non-criminals stranded in prison, sometimes for years.  We just don’t need that.  Anyway — thanks Secretary Napolitano — this change in policy will make a big difference in many people’s lives.

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WTOP: Prince William County, VA & Illegal Immigration

Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart appeared on Washington, DC area news radio station WTOP’s Politics Program with Mark Plotkin today (actually, it’s on right now as I type this) discussing, among other things, the county’s tough stance on the detention of illegal immigrants.  He suggests the county’s tough policy has lead to a reduction in crime by comparing statistics with neighboring counties.  I’m not sure such comparisons are that simple, and there are undoubtedly many factors that distinguish Prince William County from other DC-area neighbors.  You can catch the replay of the program shortly here.

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ICE Announces Major Reforms of Immigration Detention System

In a welcome move to many, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has announced a plan to move from a penal/criminal detention system to one geared more toward the civil/administrative offenses most immigration detentions represent.  It’s important to recognize that most immigration violations are administrative in nature, not criminal.  In the present regime, immigration violators are essentially housed in prisons while their civil cases are resolved.  The new plan is to develop a system more appropriate to the civil nature of the cases.  You can read the ICE press release here and in more detail here.

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